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I was first licensed as a NOVICE (WN8ODF) in 1969 at the age of 12. I enjoyed thousands of CW contacts before moving on to become a general class (WB8ODF).

I started Net Controlling on the "Maritime Mobile Service Net" in about 1975. It was great handling phone patches for maritime mobiles and deployed military personal. In 2009 I stumbled into the Friday Night International IRLP Open Forum Net and became one of the Net Controllers. Around August of 2011 Ron (VA7MWR) asked If I would take over as Net Manager for both the FNN & Say Good Morning With Radio Nets and here we are. I can be reached on Nodes: 4812 - 8139.

Hey Y'all, "Phonetics Please" Hello from Raleigh NC. My name is Bob and I used to have the following callsigns:

OE3RGC 1970-1980      KB0LH 1980-1995      KB3TJS 2009-2010      KB4RGC 2010- current

I used to design and build transmitting sites for shortwave broadcasting. I was Chief Engineer at WSHB (2x500kW)in the 90's then Project Director at WEWN (4x500kW) in Birmingam AL.

I have been into amatuer radio now for 22 years My interest in radio grew from the CB radio days (I still continue to operate Freeband on the 11 Meter Band 26.285 26.915). I am also keen on SWL.I have met some wonderful people in this time and have made lots of personal friends in Vermontville MI, Clinton Village BC, Winnipeg MB & Northhampton England

VE5 Land *IS* DX

Hi I'm Summer and I am new to the Ham Radio Hobby and to Net Controlling. I have been Net Controlling on both the "Say Good Morning With Radio" & "Friday Night International IRLP Open Forum" Nets for a few months now. I did my first net as Leading Net Control Friday morning Sept 27th 2013 and loved it. Dave told me my "Test Flight" was over and I could have the Lead Spot on the net anytime I was available... listen for me, I'm just getting started.

I was first licensed as a Novice Class Operator in 1978 at the age of 16 with my Dad. I eventually became interested in School, College, Working, and Girls, (but not necessarily in that order), and let my first license expire. But in 1992 I obtained a new license and I've been a Ham ever since. I love listening to the Net every morning and hearing from all the check-ins around the country. I enjoy helping out in the Back Room and taking Net Control occasionally. I'm honored to be associated with the other Net Controllers and the regulars and occasional operators that check-in every morning.

Hi I'm ALF, I have been a net control station on the Friday Night Net since it's very begining. I have Net Controlled through many of the "Radio Give-A-Ways" over the years and was one of last years winners, I won the HT that Alan VK5PBZ donated and I have been having fun with it since. Good luck to you in this years Give-A-Way there are some mighty nice prizes.

Hi I'm Kristy... I too have been net controlling on the Friday Nigth Net since Ron put it on the air. I am a "White Cane Ham" and use both a text to audio screen reader and the "White Cane Window" Dave (WB8ODF) wrote into the Back Room Software. I asked Dave to add a number of features to the "White Cane" portion of the Back Room Software which helps me move around and net control more easily without all the chatter in the main Back Room Text Window.

Hi, I'm Jim from Regina, Saskatchewan. I've only been a ham since April 2013 but Dave was very persuasive and got me helping out at net controlling not much after that. I like to travel and I have a real photography habit (I even do my own black and white darkroom work). I am also a net control on the weeknight Saskatchewan 2 metre link net on IRLP 9300 and am a member of the Regina Amateur Radio Association, Saskatchewan Amateur Radio League, Radio Amateurs of Canada, American Radio Relay League, Radio Society of Great Britain and Wireless Institute of Australia. You can mostly find me on the local 2 metre repeaters, on IRLP or on the 20-metre band. My CW is a work in progress but I hope to be using it on the air soon...

My name is Hugh. My Call Sign is VE5HWH. I live in Regina Saskatchewan Canada. I have been interested in Ham radio most of my life but wasn.t able to get involved until 2010. Since then I have enjoyed HF and 2m activity. The most fun is the .Say Good Morning With Radio. net on IRLP. Hope you will join us on the net.

Hello guys, I have been a Amateur Radio Operator since 1997. I enjoy building things, so I have started building for the amateur folks. I have 4 repeaters on the air. They are listed below. A Star beside the frequency indicates it's linked to the Piedmont Repeater system Full time

Passed the Technician test on February 20, 2011 in Sanford, NC. Passed the General test on November 20, 2011 in Benson, NC. Passed the Extra test on March 10, 2012 in Wake Forest, NC. Helped put together the Youth Lounge for Raleigh Amateur Radio Society's Hamfest on April 23, 2011 along with my husband and youngest daughter who are also Hams. Completed NTS training in September, 2011 and participate in local NTS nets as a traffic handler. I enjoy nets, meetings, hamfests, traffic handling, learning CW, and making new friends.

AK4RJ standing by for your call-sign

I was first licensed in 2011 after many years of wanting to be a ham. I got the bug after hearing a couple of trade journalists (KJ6LNG & W6TWT) getting their license. I've been hooked ever since. I have a background as a sysadmin and love anything with buttons, lights, knobs, etc. Radios have alot of these so I am partial to them. I'm honored to be a part of the "Say Good Morning with Radio Net" family.